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Like you, we're frustrated by how unpleasant the average recycling experience can be.

When you visit, our promises to you are:
connections, share, love, and a clean environment.

Lack of transparency? Sticky floors? Foul smelling odor?

We promise you an experience where you're important and enjoy the recycling process.

Sage Hill Bottle Depot:

Recycling Done The
Right Way

Every member of the Sage Hill team truly loves what they do — and we want you to enjoy recycling too!

There’s no struggling to unload your vehicle and then waiting for hours in line — we’ll help you unpack your car and guide you to the best line.

You can take it easy, enjoy a cup of coffee, check out the latest Netflix shows and enjoy a clean, fresh environment while you wait for your refund.

Recycling’s never been so chilled out before!

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Commercial Recycling Services

Organising your company recycling is a pain, there’s no denying it.

Getting the recycling picked up for your workplace is the last thing you need to be worrying about when you have a full schedule.

Now, getting your recycling lifted has never been easier — just let us know when and where and we’ll be there to collect your recyclables — free of charge. We’ll add your refund to your account with us after it’s been counted.

Yes, it’s really that easy.

Community & Events

We’re a local business, run by a local family and we believe in supporting our local community. 
From our non-profit donation program, to hassle-free bottle drives, to supporting local events — we're your neighbours and we care about the things that you hold close to home.
Check out some of the fun at our latest community events!
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Our Rates

Return rates offered by all bottle depots are government regulated by the Beverage Container Management Board (BCMB).

Current Rates:

1 Litre & Less: 10 Cents | Over 1 Litre: 25 Cents

  • Aluminum cans
  • Clear plastic/PET
  • Coloured plastics
  • Cartons/Gable tops
  • Glass
  • Tetra
  • Bi-metals
  • Foil drink pouches
  • Bags-in-a-box

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