Earth Day Tips For Beautifying Your Neighbourhood

Earth from Space

May 4, 2020

Even though it only comes once a year officially, we can treat every day like Earth Day by working together to beautify our neighbourhoods in Calgary. Albertans are no strangers to recycling. In fact in 2018, 87% of beverage containers in Alberta got recycled! That means 195,998,487 kilograms of greenhouse gas emissions were avoided and 671,861, 402 kWh of energy was saved!

We would love to see that return rate reach 100%, so we have a few tips to share with you for Earth Day.

Start at Home

It’s important to do what we can locally before expanding our circle of influence. Make sure you practice great recycling habits at home including:

Keep a dedicated space for recyclables so everyone in the family knows where they belong once emptied!
Rinse and clean out all drink containers before dropping them into your dedicated space (bonus: this helps eliminate any foul odours!)
Make visiting Sage Hill Bottle Depot a family affair to encourage your little ones to get into good recycling habits. We have a relaxation area with Netflix, so kick back and enjoy the pristine Depot while our staff work hard for you!

Help Your ‘Hood

Once you’ve got your at-home recycling program down pat, it’s time to turn your attention to your neighbourhood. A little can go a long way! Why not try:

Gather up people in your household to walk your street, picking up recyclables in one bag and garbage in another.
Help elderly or mobility-challenged neighbours by returning their recyclables for them on your next trip to Sage Hill Bottle Depot.

Run a Bottle Drive

A bottle drive is a great way to raise money for a variety of purposes! You can use it for your kid’s Girl Guides or Boy Scouts, their sports team or school, or even to benefit your community neighbourhood association. No matter what you want to raise money for, a bottle drive is an easy and fun way to bring together your community. We offer an additional 10% on top of your returns, which means more money in your pocket for your children’s hobbies.

For more information on how Sage Hill Bottle Depot can support your next bottle drive, get in touch.

We’d love to see photos of you beautifying your neighbourhood this Earth Day! Join us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter and tag us in your recycling photos. You might be featured on our social media channels!

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