How is Sage Hill Bottle Depot Different?


May 21, 2020

If you’re looking for a new bottle depot in Calgary, look no farther than Sage Hill Bottle Depot!

If you’re looking for a new bottle depot in Calgary, look no farther than Sage Hill Bottle Depot, located at 70 Sage Hill Plaza NW. We are changing the way you see recycling – forever! But don’t take our word for it. Some of our customers shared their favourite things about recycling their empty beverage containers with Sage Hill Bottle Depot.

Ross Utigard

Ross is the President of the Sage Hill Community Association. This family man is working hard in our community, while raising his kids to be environmentally-conscious recyclers! We see Ross and his kids come often to Sage Hill Bottle Depot. Watch the video to see what Ross thinks about us!


This happy mama is one of our favourite guests at Sage Hill Bottle Depot! She is often seen dancing in line to the music while we count up her empty beverage containers. Find out what makes Jojo so happy with our family-friendly bottle depot!

The most important thing to us at Sage Hill Bottle Depot is ensuring quality counts, safety for guests and staff, and ensuring everyone feels like a member of our family. We work hard everyday to provide the best bottle depot service in Calgary!

If you’ve visited us, we would love you to leave an honest review of your experience on our Facebook Page or Google Listing. Join in our fun community over on Twitter and Instagram too, where you can learn more about environmentalism, raising recyclers as well as plenty of family-friendly, fun and educational activities too!

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