Refundable Takeout Containers

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Feb 29, 2024

Take The Trash Out of Your Take-Out

In the last several months, Alberta has been packing a powerful punch in the effort to save the environment. You’ve probably been busy, so you might not be up to date on the news, but we’re here to get you up to date on refundable takeout containers!

It’s Friday night, after a long week you’re a bit tired and deserve a treat. So, you order your favourite takeout from that cozy little spot around the corner. As you’re eagerly waiting for your delicious feast, you can’t help but wonder about those pesky single-use containers. They seem to pile up, week after week and you can never get rid of them for very long… until now. Refundable takeout containers are the solution that’s sweeter than the maple syrup on your morning pancakes.

For a little context, did you know that in a single year, Alberta’s landfill gobbles up a staggering 450 million single-use takeout containers? That’s more than enough to make someone who has no interest or concern about our shared environment take note and is certainly enough to make the hardiest recyclers shed a tear into their special, organic, fair-trade coffee. Landfills pose serious environmental threats due to the release of harmful greenhouse gases like methane, soil and water pollution for leachate, and the depletion of natural habitats. They contribute significantly to air and water pollution, impacting ecosystems and human health.

A Calgary-based company called Earthware Reusables Inc. has recently swooped in to save the day (we think they’d look great in capes). Here’s how it works: Restaurants purchase reusable containers from Earthware and pass the deposit cost to you, the consumer. When you order takeout, you pay a $0.30 deposit per container. After enjoying your meal, lightly rinse the container and set it aside for your next visit to a participating bottle depot – like ours! Once you’ve collected your empties then made sure they’re undamaged and free from food remnants, bring them in for a cash-in-hand refund. From there, Earthware washes and sanitizes them according to Alberta Health Services regulations. Finally, these fresh containers are distributed to restaurants, hotels, grocers, and more, kicking off the whole process once again. It’s a seamless cycle of sustainability that keeps our planet (and our stomachs) happy.

So, by switching to reusable containers, we can slash that whopping 450 million number down to a more manageable size. Plus, by partnering with the Alberta Bottle Depot Association, Earthware has become the first company in the world to sync up with a government-regulated beverage container deposit return system. It’s a win-win-win!

Now that you’re in the loop, the next time you’re hankering for some takeout, why not do your part to save our planet? It’s just that easy, we promise. Remember, every container returned is a victory for you, us, and our shared community. As the saying goes, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure and, in this case, that treasure just happens to be a cleaner, greener planet for us all to enjoy!

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