VIP Advantages at Sage Hill Bottle Depot

VIP Advantages at Sage Hill Bottle Depot

Jan 31, 2024

Get Your Cash Back Calgary!

What’s up, Calgary? January is nearly over, you can take a breath and relax a bit. Maybe even reward yourself for bouncing back after a hectic holiday season and enduring this incredible coldwave we’ve all been complaining about together. Your time is precious, we respect that. That’s why we’ve taken recycling from mundane to extraordinary.

We’re not just a recycling centre, that’s a little boring, isn’t it? We love to provide our amazing guests with a full-fledged experience. Heck, our floors are so clean they might just sparkle. How many recycling centres do you know of that have an actual art gallery? Well, now you can add Sage Hill Bottle Depot to the top of that list – nothing says environmental responsibility like a bit of culture, right? – and, hold onto your recyclable hats, folks, because we even offer a valet service for all those empties!

Let’s cut through the green tape and get to what you’re really interested in, aside from doing your part to save the environment, of course, cold hard cash! Anything under 1 litre? That’s a dime, my fine friend. Anything over 1 litre, and a quarter is coming your way. Now, before you start thinking we’re just making numbers up like a toddler trying to count to a hundred, these rates are government-regulated by the Beverage Container Management Board. We’re keeping it real.

Now, let’s talk about the eclectic mix of recyclables we accept – aluminium cans, clear plastics, coloured plastics, cartons, the whole shebang, but (there’s always a but isn’t there?), we don’t accept blue bin items. Still having a hard time telling what items are and aren’t accepted? It’s alright, that’s what we’re here for. Bring your items in and we’ll check it for you! 

As a reward for being so amazing, we’re offering a voucher to receive an extra 10% cash back on your next drop-off and all you have to do is sign up for our newsletter. It’s our way of helping you help us help you so that we’re all part of the solution and not the pollution. In addition to the discount, you’ll be the first to know about our giveaways, events, and more! That’s what being a VIP is all about and we take that pretty seriously around these parts. We want to treat you like the superstar you are!

Recycling isn’t just tossing random stuff in different bins, it’s a communal effort, a small act in a grand play, if you will. So, when you swing by to take advantage of our curbside bottle drop-off, remember that you’re building a greener future together one bottle at a time, and, as a family-run business, we’ve got a vested interest in the future!

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