The Benefit of Bottle Drives


Dec 12, 2023

This Trash Talk Will Help You Out!

At Sage Hill Bottle Depot, it’s our job to make every bit of recycling easy for you. We love giving out good vibes and providing Calgary with top-shelf service for all your recycling needs (note: be sure to check the top shelf for forgotten or hard-to-see bottles) but there’s not much we love better than seeing a bottle drive come together!

That collection of empties deserves a new purpose and you’ve got many ideas. Supporting a nonprofit organization, upgrading sports equipment for a team or the school gym, throwing the ultimate holiday party, or maybe the graduation trip of a lifetime. Bottle drives are best suited to step up and save the day like an eco-friendly superhero (seriously, when’s Captain Planet getting a major Hollywood movie?) to turn your recyclables into a green goldmine.

To kickstart the bottle drive buzz, get creative! Host a themed bottle collection day (costume parties are always a favourite) or hold a friendly sports competition and use social media platforms to spread the word. Offer incentives like prizes for the most collected bottles and be sure to recognize top contributors. Other options are to seek out local businesses for sponsorship or set up collection stations as hotspots but, most importantly, share your success stories to inspire others to do the same! Call us at 403-275-7003 and we’ll hook you up with a date that suits your schedule. Three great options that give you even more flexibility and convenience.

Option 1:

You receive an exclusive drop-off point in the parking lot, complete with a coordinator and a section just for your recyclables. It’s a VIP party for your bags of bottles.

Option 2:

If you’re all about keeping it local, we can drop off a cube bag at your location along with some bag tags so that your bottles can’t get mixed up with other recyclables.

Option 3:

Storage and transportation is often a challenge, especially if you have a huge load. The solution is easy, just rent our trailer (free of charge) and toss your recyclables into the back then enjoy the ride.

Once those bottles hit our depot floor, your work is done. We count and process everything then get you a receipt, a stack of cash, and the satisfaction of knowing you’ve done a good thing. Now, let’s talk about why this matters beyond the dollars and cents. Bottle drives aren’t just about fundraising, they’re about creating a sense of community. It’s wonderful to see your neighbors, friends, coworkers, or fellow students come together and contribute to a common cause and we love seeing the result of that collaboration.

Stampede spirit runs deep in our city, so let’s use some of it to do something positive for the planet! It’s not just about what you gain, it’s about what we all gain when we work together. So, the next time you hear the crinkle of plastic, remember it’s more than just an oddly comforting noise, it’s the sound of change.

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