The Best Reasons To Live In Northern Calgary – Part 2

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Nov 22, 2023

Notable Northwest Neighbourhoods To Explore

Hey Calgary, we’re back to explore the second half of our neighbouring communities. If you work in any of these areas, you probably know that organizing company bottle recycling can be difficult. Gathering office bottle recycling is something that is often neglected, especially when you have a full schedule.

To make your life easier we offer a hassle-free, free-of-charge business pickup service! Just tell us when and where, and we’ll collect your bottle recyclables then add the refund to your business account. Yep, it’s really that easy!

Making things simple is what we’re all about, from our non-profit donation program, to hassle-free bottle drives, to supporting local events, we care for the community and, as your neighbours, hope to make it better!

Now, in Part Two, we’ll round out the list (once again in user-friendly alphabetical order) with the next eight areas, offering a topline perspective on which community is best for your needs.

  1. Kincora – Surround yourself with luscious greenery and gentle walking trails. This peaceful retreat from city noise is still close enough to major roadways and shopping centers, you really do get to have it all.
  2. Macewan – Families love this slice of life featuring picturesque streets and well-maintained parks. An urban sanctuary with frequent community events make it ideal for creating memories.
  3. Nolan Hill – If you have kids in your car then you’ll love the playgrounds and top-notch schools. Children can thrive here and parents can rest with peace of mind due to its commitment to safety.
  4. Panorama Hills – Want a life on the go? Shop ‘til you drop, eat ‘til your heart’s content, and play ‘til the last buzzer! With key transit links you can hop on and jump off anywhere you want to maximize your daily adventure.
  5. Royal Vista – Enchanté! Exude elegance by living in an upscale home and spend your day working and playing in the vibrant commercial district. Feel a little bit like royalty and add a bit of luxury to your lifestyle.
  6. Sage Hill – It takes sustainability seriously, offering eco-friendly living options and promoting green practices. Its overall dedication to sustainable living truly resonates with environmentally conscious individuals and families – obviously, we chose this as our location for a reason!
  7. Sherwood – Natural beauty is in high demand these days and it’s in high supply here. Standout parks, serene ponds, and a seemingly endless opportunity to connect with nature makes it a top choice for anyone looking for a fresh start with fresh air.
  8. Simons Valley – Finally find that sense of belonging you’ve been seeking in this thriving, close-knit community. Like existing in a sitcom from yesteryear, you’ll become friends with your neighbours, support local businesses like they’re your own, and everyone will know your name.

No matter where you decide to settle (or resettle), all of the sixteen neighbourhoods we’ve looked at in Northwest Calgary are among the very best in the city and at Sage Hill Bottle Depot we’re happy to serve anyone who comes from far and wide on all their bottle recycling needs!

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